Everything you wanted to know about Lampyre

Last night, Matthias Wilson posted this article in his blog. He implied there, that although Lampyre is a very powerful OSINT platform, it should not be trusted. The author did a research on the background of the software and its developing company (Data Tower). Some things there are true and some are not. As to that, we’re posting to tell what the things really are.

Data Tower and Norsi-Trans are indeed connected. Some enthusiasts from Norsi-Trans are sharing with Data Tower their great experience in developing analytical systems. It helps us improve Lampyre. But as Lampyre is not just a visualization tool, its open API is used by Norsi-Trans for their own OSINT products.

Previously, powerful tools for fraud uncovering were only available to big companies or government owned entities. This just did not seem fair to us. So the idea was to bring such tool to the worldwide community. To make OSINT more accessible and to help more people in dealing with fraud and unfair competition.

As any tool, Lampyre can be used with a good or bad intention. However, we do hope, that it is mostly used for a good cause and helps to protect personal and business interests. We don’t share our customers’ data with anyone, but unfortunately, it seems like it is impossible to prove this.

We’re offering you an accessible analytical tool and it’s up to you whether to use it or not. Also, you can always use Lampyre anonymously (If you’re interested, please let us know and we’ll post a guide on how to do this). In addition to that, the app can be used in a standalone mode, when it works without any access to the Internet.

We respect confidentiality and we do stand for honesty and transparency, so we’re always open to any questions.

Data analysis & OSINT tool for everyone. Obtain, visualize and analyze data in one place to see what others can’t.

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