How to use Lampyre anonymously — a manual

Every now and then, we’re being asked about using Lampyre anonymously. So we’re posting this short manual on how to preserve your privacy while conducting your investigation in Lampyre. The same may be done when you’re using our web search (Data lookup) or Lighthouse API.

If you are a beginner in OSINT area, we also highly recommend looking into using sock puppets for your research.

General rules of using Lampyre anonymously:
1. Do not provide personal data at your registration.
2. Any interaction with the services should be done through anonymizing services, VPN for example.
3. Use services only on the device or virtual machine, which have no information about you.
4. In order to pay for the services, ask somebody who is not in any way connected to your work to do so.
5. Log into and work in your account only in incognito mode.
6. From time to time search for random objects, not connected to your objects of interest or the course of your investigation.
7. From time to time, switch to a freshly created account, registered with different personal data and continue your investigation.

Your work will be more anonymous if you use a virtual machine acquired from your hosting provider.
Your object of interest will be better disguised, if you conduct your investigation using multiple accounts, not linked to each other. You can unite your results in one report and analyze all the data on an offline device (using our standalone mode) by using our export/import features.

Getting ready
1. Create a virtual machine (VMware, VirtualBox) with Windows10.
2. Connect to the VM via RDP or any other way.
!!! All the following steps are to be done only on this VM !!!
3. See what IP is used on this VM for going online.
4. Register an account at any paid VPN anonymizing service (There are some free VPN services but we don’t recommend using them. Maintaining a VPN service requires expenses. So if such service is for free, it means they have a different income way. And if they’re not transparent about it, they may be earning by selling your personal data for example.
5. Connect an anonymous VPN.
6. Make sure that the IP address of the VM now differs from the one you got at Step 3.
7. Get an anonymous mailbox. You may register one anonymously by yourself or you may use some online services, which provide temporary emails for a limited period of time.
8. Open website in a private tab of your browser and register an account using your temporary email address (see Step 7). Do not provide your personal data.
!!! Save your registration email address and your password in a safe place. If you lose these, you will not be able to regain access to your account in case you need it !!!
9. Log into your account.
10. Purchase any products that you need. Do not use your personal payment data.
11. Use Lampyre services, including the desktop app, as everyone else would.

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues.

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