Introducing OSINT tools for research on Spanish companies

Hola, amigos! We greet you this way for some reason — since our users come from different countries, we stay closer to their needs. So, this article will be dedicated to help our users from Spain. For you, folks, we’ve got a useful tool for your investigation needs. Ever heard of LibreBOR search engine? Well, even if not, we have implemented it in Lampyre for you.

Let us show how to quickly access it in Lampyre. First, open your existing investigation in Lampyre, or create a new one. Then go to List of Requests and select All in the list of criteria, just like this:

Then, let’s search for Librebor in Tasks window next to it. Lampyre will offer the following three options:

Now, select the ones that you need. We will select all of them to show you everything Lampyre offers here. Let’s move on to see what we have in Parameters window:

Here you can input company name, NIF (i.e. Spanish tax identification number), Name (for search by company management), Username (for search by company name), Surname (for search by company management) or Credentials. Please note, that If the field “Username” is filled in, the field “Company name” will be ignored.

If you click on the input box and then hit the arrow button on the right, you can input several values in the field to perform search of multiple companies. Do the input line by line or apply a delimiter:

When you’re set, hit Execute, wait a bit and enjoy the results!

That’s pretty much it, so please give it a try and let us know what you think — every feedback is very important to us. Last but not least, we are currently evaluating an option of adding company search by address, so please stay tuned!

¡Mucho éxito!



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