Lampyre update (June 2022): new sources and searches

Some changes and updates often stay unnoticed, so, from our point of view, it would not be superfluous to focus attention on them — at least sometimes. In this post we will cover a bunch of new searches in Lampyre that we added over the last two months.

And first comes the big one: Dehashed. It is a data breach search engine, where you can search by many input parameters as shown below:

For instance, you choose to input an email address, and the search returns a list of passwords (either plain text or hashed), nicknames and breach data sources:

Just one search can help you reveal all leaked passwords in a matter of seconds — ain’t it cool?

We have also extended OpenSanctions search, where we added these new input parameters to help you narrow down your search and make it more effective overall:

Opensanctions was added in April and we made an article on how it works in Data Lookup — give it a read if you missed this one.

As crypto keeps booming, the demand on security and due diligence in this area is increasing. That’s why we decided to add the following very useful searches: BitcoinAbuse wallet address abuse info and Cryptocurrency address reputation. Their names speak for themselves with regards to what the inputs and outputs are — there’s nothing much to say.

The last one is just a small addition to our large collection of checkers: now you can find out whether a Philips account exists, either by email address or by phone number.

That’s all the updates we got for now. Good luck with your OSINT adventures and, as always, please don’t hesitate to contribute your ideas to us!



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