Pinterest tools for OSINT purposes
2 min readNov 14, 2021


Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service with over 400 million active users. This service allows users to upload or search images, which can be “pinned” to collections of ideas — so called “boards”. Since this is quite a popular service, it is an object of interest for OSINT enthusiasts. So, Lampyre developers already took this into account and added a query for Pinterest accounts:

The request searches for Pinterest accounts registered with the input email address. The results will have 2 tables, which may have the following info:

  • Pinterest account by email — Pinterest ID, account link, user registration data (name), nickname, gender, age, number of pins, number of boards, number of followers, number of followings, registration date, indication to if it’s a private and confirmed account or not, indication to if the user has a website (and this website’s link), description, user location (latitude and longitude), userpic and its link.
  • Pinterest boards — description available in the Pinterest board ID account, board link, number of pins on the board, an indication to if it’s a shared board, number of co-authors of the shared board, indication to who the board owner is, Pinterest ID, account link, user registration data (name), nickname, gender, userpic and its link.

Let’s look at Pinterest account by email table and how it looks like:

We also added Customization window to see all available columns.

The information in the next table — Pinterest boards — looks like this:

It is also worth mentioning that, by default, boards in Pinterest are publicly available. However, if users want more privacy, they can hide their boards from broad public. So, obviously, Lampyre will not be able to find such boards for you.

That’s pretty much it — one simple request that gives you plenty of information! Use these results for a deeper analysis with the help of various tools available in Lampyre. Good luck!

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